Hello there,

I wonder if you feel the same relief at bidding farewell to 2020 as I did? A pandemic, a bitter election here in the States. . . and then to make sure the year lingered on in my memory, I managed to hurt my left foot enough that it couldn’t bear any weight for a week or so, leaving me to hop around the house like an uncoordinated rabbit. Which of course led to the inevitable occurrence of me tripping over my one good foot, loosing my balance and landing face-down on the (thankfully carpeted) floor, jamming my left arm so it would match my left foot. When I relayed the whole incident to my grown daughter– maybe whining just a little bit in hopes of drumming up some sympathy– she declared that she was going to buy me a helmet.

Oh well. So much for the sympathy. And in the words of my dad– you’re okay. Carry on! On that note– I’m hoping I can manage to stay upright long enough for my foot to heel (pun intended!), and in the meantime I am happy to announce a new release!

One Last Scream has Special Agent Ricki James pursuing a dangerous search for the link between the murder of a private investigator today, and a cold case murder of a park ranger that happened fifty years ago– a murder that someone is willing to still kill for half-a-century later to keep a secret buried forever. Now available on Amazon, pick up your copy today!